To support the Bible translation in each local language that the Bible does not have it yet. Wycliffe Thai Foundation works with Wycliffe International for translating the Bible into every languages that need to be translated. This Bible translation project has many volunteers who are interested in joining with the project, both Thais and foreigners.


  • to translate the Bible into K language.
  • to develop the community in the working area.
  • to teach English at churches, schools and government buildings.
  • to coordinate with Mission teams.
  • to preach and to serve at the Mukdaharn church.

Prayer Points

  • pray for the salvation of K people and for the believers’s safety.
  • pray for the translation and we hope NT will complete in 2017.
  • pray for Robert&Arene’s health, both physical and soul.

Pictures of some ministries
Mookdaharn 1Mookdaharn 2